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Off the Shelf - DIY Library Design Online Course

Online Library Design Course Program Coming Soon!


I have worked with several wonderful Library clients to improve their spaces over the years and in that time, I've learned that typically the main thing holding you back from designing your Library to really fit your needs is funding. And that fact is what lead me to designing a program that better fits your needs.


For the past nine months, I've been working diligently to put together an affordable training program that will empower Library Directors and their staff to create a Library that works best for them on a significantly reduced budget. This online training course will teach you the exact process I use every day to design fully functional and aesthetically pleasing Libraries, but at a fraction of what it costs to hire a full time Interior Designer.


Too good to be true? Sign up now to learn more about my free upcoming webinar that will show you exactly how you can equip yourself and your staff to create a Library that meets all your needs.

I can't wait to teach you how to design your own Library!

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