Intro to Vivre or "How Do You Pronounce That?"

Very few people we first encounter are able to pronounce our company name.  I find it comical and NEVER offensive.  In fact I often take a comfortable pause as they hold a business card in their hand and begin to study it.  They will ALWAYS make an attempt.  And I ALWAYS smile and correct that attempt very politely.  Some will undoubtedly pronounce it Viv-er (veever).  You can count on it like you can count on the Georgia humidity.  And most everyone else will pronounce it Verve.


I don't know why. 


But for the official record, it is pronounced Vivre (veev). Unless of course you're French in which case that “re” rolls eloquently off the back of your tongue. Though so far we've yet to encounter any French-speaking local citizens. See pronunciation demo below:



As for the meaning, it translates to "live" or "life".  And to us, design is life as well as where we live and work and play. It is ever-changing, inspiring and how we see the world. Design is how we function in our spaces and so importantly, how our spaces make us feel. Design is about people; us.


Vivre Interiors cares more about our relationships with our clients, contractors and colleagues than any other aspect of what we do. Mostly because we have learned through years of experience that without that critical "team element", the amazing end-result of a completed project would be left wanting. 


What is a beautiful space without the passion and dedication of the dreamers that have worked so hard to bring it to life?  There are so many moments you come across in the sometimes-long process of bringing a space to life where you stop and take it all in. And they're not all perfect moments. But maybe you are at a site with your client when the contractor and architect are there as well; when the walls are finally in place. There are machines sounding all around, drywall dust and flex cable on the ground; complete chaos. But suddenly you realize that your client finally "sees" the space. The designers and contractors "see" all their hard work really taking shape. And for a moment the team smiles with the satisfaction of progress.


This is why we do what we do.


Welcome to our website and blog.  I hope you'll follow us and in doing so stay connected to topics of interest to us.  We hope to keep you entertained and enlightened on how we do business, the latest commercial design trends and so much more.  And maybe somewhere along the way we can build something together.

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