Teen spaces are growing in popularity as libraries continue to evolve.  They are great spaces for teens to maintain a little independence while also being in a controlled and supervised environment.  Recently I’ve had the privilege of working with several great librari...

One of the MOST insanely frustrating things about being a registered professional commercial Interior Designer is being called a decorator.  The word makes me shudder and often results in an inadvertent and completely subconscious eye-roll.  Granted, I’ve gotten pretty...

Have you ever felt like a space made you feel more active, tired, at peace, or even so comfortable that you didn’t realize you had been there for the last three hours? We may not be aware of how powerful interior spaces can be in our lives, and yes, the impact is so gr...

September 25, 2017

It is safe to say that Commercial design is finally taking the hint and conforming their interior spaces to meet the needs of their inhabitants.  I always tell my clients that their spaces create a certain “feeling” when people experience them.  Does the space feel tra...

If you're a professional interior designer, have one under your employ or are currently in school with the aspirations to become one, then you know that passing the NCIDQ exam is a very valuable step in your career path.  Like the NCARB, which Architects take and pass...

If you're not quite ready to embrace Fall, check out these Summer interior design projects and linger a little longer.

Submittal approvals, and whether or not you use them, can mean the difference in a happy client or the loss of hundreds, thousands sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unusable product.  That kind of loss can turn a smooth project into a nightmare in a ma...

Very few people we first encounter are able to pronounce our company name.  I find it comical and NEVER offensive.  In fact I often take a comfortable pause as they hold a business card in their hand and begin to study it.  They will ALWAYS make an attempt.  And I...

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4 Ways to Increase Teen Traffic in Your Library

January 15, 2018

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September 25, 2017

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