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Endless Summer - Almost

In our house, we affectionately refer to the Fall months as "The Embers". They begin right after Labor Day and run until November 30th. We celebrate Fall as early as possible and drag it out until we have no other choice but to accept the oncoming of the Christmas Season. Of course, we love Christmas as much as the next guy, but Fall is our favorite.

In the South, our evening summer breezes are hypnotic. They are aromatic, perfume-infused breezes that bring in the fresh scent of blooming Gardenia Bushes, the soothing sound of crickets and tree frogs and the sweet vision of lightning bugs moving through the darkness. But in the afternoons, they are stifling; especially in August when the Summer is at a fevered pitch. So much so that it is impossible to stand outside for too long without being miserable. Which is why at the first feel of the ever-so-slight cool tinge to the breeze, we get Fall fever and start talking about the Embers. Labor Day being the un-official end of Summer, naturally we look forward to it every year.

However, this summer has been exceptionally nice. The temps haven't been too intense and it's been nice being able to be outside with our family. This year I seem to be clinging to summer just a little bit longer. So, with that in mind and in the spirit of Summertime here are some of my favorite Summer edition design projects featured in a couple of my go-to design magazines from this year:

The Morimoto Asia restaurant in Disney Springs Orlando, Florida designed by Studio V Architecture and Patina Restaurant Group:

This Pan-Asian restaurant featured in the June issue of Interiors and Sources (full article here) has such beautiful ambient lighting. These images glow and you can practically feel the warmth of the Summer evening heat on your skin.

The next project takes us indoors to the new ASID Headquarters in Washington DC (full article here)

Perkins+Will's use of this vibrant yellow accent color against the overall white interior feels refreshing and full of energy. Tie it all together with a natural wood element and it's the perfect Summer combination.

Hospitality Design Magazine posted this article (full article here) of Pujol in their August issue:

This Mexican restaurant gives the feel of outdoor patio dining with close family and friends on a warm summer night. Intoxicating.

And finally. It wouldn't be a blog entry about beautiful Summer design without a project on the water like the Cempedak Private Island off the coast of Malaysia.

Hospitality Design featured this article in their Sketchbook section of the July issue. This space boasts to be created almost entirely out of bamboo and gives a serene feel of perfect seclusion on the water.

Summer may be almost over, but for now I’ll just bask in the warmth and beauty of these images. Let me know your thoughts and,

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day!!

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